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Why I know gas weighs 6lbs per gallon

When I finally got the skid plate, the gas tank strap, and the fuel sending unit from Steinjager, it was time to put the gas tank back in. We already had the tank out so I just needed to install the sending unit by placing it in a hole in the top of the tank and screwing it on. The sending unit pumps the gas out of the tank to the engine and also tells you how much gas is in the tank. Next we put the gas tank into the skid plate and put the straps on. The skid plate protects the tank from getting hit from underneath (which is really important in a jeep!)

Once it was all assembled, we placed the whole thing on a creeper. My Dad had the bright idea of putting gas into the tank before we installed it. At first we were just going to put a gallon in so we could start it and make sure everything worked, but then we just put all of it in. We rolled it underneath my Jeep, hooked everything up, and started it and let it run for a while so we could check to make sure there were no leaks. Then we killed it so we could put the gas tank in. It was at this point we realized exactly how heavy gas is. It's a 20 gallon tank and gas weighs 6lbs a gallon. I'll let you do the math on that. Now we had to use a car jack to lift it and put it in. The problem with this is, when you are using a car jack you can't tilt it and make small adjustments when installing it- it doesn't just go in strait up. At this point my friend Luke and I watched my brother JD and my Dad argue for 30 minutes on how to get it in. Good times.

Eventually the gas tank made its way to its proper place and my Jeep became drivable once again. After it was all done, JD, Luke and I decided to make a vanity plate to put on the back for driving around the farm. Mom rolled her eyes. Totally worth it.

The tank when we first pulled it.

New Tank Installed

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