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To Mud, or not to Mud- What a Stupid Question

My Jeep is a manual. Before we started tearing it apart, my brother JD decided to start teaching me how to drive a stick. We power washed it all up then took it out into the waterway on our farm. I popped out the clutch, slammed on the gas and did a burnout in the mud. Dad wasn’t happy we tore up the waterway, but it was exciting! I never even killed it. Of course then it had to be power washed again. #jeeplife

We unbolted the seats and seatbelts and got rid of them because they were completely rotted and rusted. Then the Jeep got another bath inside and outside. We rolled it back into our machine shed and my Dad helped me pull the gas tank out with my friend Luke. We cleaned up underneath and got it prepped to fix some holes that had been drilled into the tub. One of the holes looked like someone had shot through the floor with a shotgun slug!

No more seats!

After a Bath

The Gas Tank

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