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The Sahara Treasure Hunt

The original Jeep’s featured in the 1993 Jurassic Park movie were 1992 Jeep Wrangler Sahara’s. Wrangler was the name of the body style, also known as a YJ, that were produced from 1987 through 1995. The YJ's were easy to spot by their square headlights. Sahara was a special trim package for those years which had dark green seats with leather pouches, a dark green center console with a lock, and door panels in dark green which also had leather pouches. They started offering the Sahara trim package in 1988 on the YJ. The Sahara seats are considered pretty rare and when I first started looking they were all junk so I decided to just look for other seats. The other Jeep seats I found ran about $900 for a set of really good seats so I put that on my “wish list” for the future. Then one day my brother JD came home and said, “You owe me.” He told me he had found a set of Sahara seats in good condition off of a 1993 YJ. I was really excited! Only one problem, they were in Pennsylvania and I live in Illinois. We negotiated with the guy selling the seats asking if he would hold them for me until we could make a road trip out to PA to pick them up. We also found out he had a near perfect condition center console with the lock and key still intact. I sent $850 via PayPal and the seats and console were mine!

The trip would take over 9 hours each way, but Dad and I took all the backseats out of our Suburban and headed out while I was on break from school. We got to the guy’s place about 11 in the morning. His name was Thomas Zutich and he had a huge warehouse with Jeeps and Jeep parts everywhere. We looked at all of his stuff and talked about all the Jeep things I need to fix. He talked to me about taking off my lift kit because it is really hard on the frame, and he helped me find a new steering column, carpet, dash gauges, speakers, and drive shaft. After spending another $450 we loaded the suburban full of all my finds and we headed home. It was long, but it was a great trip.

Current Jeep Cost Total: $3840.87

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