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I live in a pretty small town in rural Illinois, but lucky for me I have a Jeep parts place right down the street. Even better than that, I know the owner, Mark Rauschert. When he found out about my Jeep purchase he invited me right over to tour his warehouse at Steinjager. The Steinjager warehouse is located in a big building that was used to build buggies and carriages over 100 years ago. We looked through everything from seats to gas tank skid plates, door handles to seatbelts- just about everything you could want for a Jeep. I saw how they keep track of all their shipments and process their orders. I met their warehouse manager and left with my YJ catalog in hand. I decided the first thing I needed to do was get a notebook to keep track of all my purchases and expenses, write down all the information from my data plate, and start making a list of everything I was going to need to get my Jeep done right.

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