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Illinois has had a lot of snow this year, and that means we have had a lot more snow days from school. The fact that it just happens to be the year I bought my Jeep means snow days just got a LOT more fun!

Now that my gas tank was back in and the Jeep was drivable again, this particular snow day was the perfect day for more driving lessons out on the deserted country roads. My brother JD and I got the Jeep out and headed toward our fields. There weren't a lot of drifts out there so JD thought we should head through the water way. I told him we shouldn't because we would get stuck, but JD was driving at the moment so off we went. He revved up the Jeep and drove straight into the water way. Wouldn't you know it, we immediately bottomed out.

Of course.

We tried to dig ourselves out but eventually JD had to hike back to the machine shed and get out the John Deere 4010 tractor. I sat behind the wheel and JD pulled my Jeep and I out.

After that for some reason the back wheel was frozen up and wouldn't turn. We finally got it loose and parked it into the shop. We took the wheel off and took the brake apart. We discovered that the parking break was making it seize up. Every time we used the parking break, after we would release it the wheel would freeze up. It would go backwards but not forwards. Then we went backwards then forwards again and eventually it got unstuck.

After that we took it out and drove it around the roads around our farm and through drifts we wouldn't get stuck in. I'm getting better at driving a stick and I really liked just driving around. We still have to figure out this parking break issue but at least I'm back on the road!

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S. T.
S. T.
Mar 06, 2022

That is awesome Olin! What an amazing project. Glad to see the progress!!!

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