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One More Jeep

While I was on a mission trip last summer my brother was cruising around Facebook Marketplace and found a Jurassic Park Jeep for sale in Missouri. The price was about the same as what we had priced out what it was going to cost to paint my black Jeep so my Dad and brother loaded up the trailer and brought it home. My family surprised me when I got back from my trip having it parked at our church when we pulled it. It was the best gift ever! We worked out a deal for me to pay them for most of it, but I finally had my Jurassic Jeep! 

The Jeep was not perfect but the paint job and exterior were good, it had the correct wheels, and there were only a couple of minor things wrong such as the radio did not work and there were little holes all over the floor. The seats were ripped up but since I had already collected nicer seats, the center console, and other details for the inside it was perfect for me to finish my project. My dad and I worked on the wiring to the radio and got it all working. My brother welded the holes for me in exchange for sanding some wheel rims for him. I am planning to sand down the welds and paint them as soon as possible. My grandpa got me a soft top for Christmas so all I have left is to buy a winch, heating coat, and fog lights. 

In August my Mom and I drove it in our town parade with a big T-Rex in the back. My friends were supposed to run around in the T-Rex costumes for the parade but since it was 104 degrees we just had it in the back instead. It was a hit! I think the parents liked it as much as the kids.

Since I now had my painted Jurassic Jeep I did not need my black jeep any more.  I put it up for sale and I was actually pretty sad. It was my first Jeep and since I am only 14 I never got to drive it on the road. I put a lot of work into it over two years, but I had my dream Jeep so I had to let it go. After several people looked at it we were wondering if it was ever going to get sold, but then someone bought it. All of the money I got from selling the black Jeep went straight to paying off my Jurassic Jeep. This is going to be fun. 

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