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After my last post a year ago I went to work. Literally. I worked for a local farmer and besides earning some money, I also learned a couple valuable life lessons. One of which is that when you are removing metal sheeting from a barn roof, and are sitting on that sheeting, don't remove the last screw that is holding that metal sheet in place while you are still on it. It turns instantly into a rocket sled and you end up on the ground in a pile of all your screws. In fact, I made most of my money last summer taking apart a roof, falling off a roof, falling through a roof, making a new roof, and filling barns with hay up to the roof. Good times.

By the end of the summer I had a decent bit of cash. So what did I do? I did the math and added up that two Jeeps are better than one. So I bought another Jeep.

This Jeep was a 1991 YJ that was going to be my parts Jeep. It had a rusted out frame & body but a decent interior, good engine, and undented hood. When I got it home I stripped the parts I wanted. Then my brother convinced me to replace the clutch, weld the frame, and put the gas tank in the back so I could sell it as a running Jeep. But then it kinda took on a life of its own. I strait piped it up the side and put a tractor flap on it. I bought new tires for it. My brother and I went to the junk yard and got bucket seats out of a 90's conversion van and a truck bench seat for it. After ratchet strapping in the gas tank, some sheet metal, a lot of zip screws, and a $12 paint job, I had my new toy. The Frankenstein.

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